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At this point, I'm more a fan of fandom than of the source material for 90% of my fandoms. I like to read about people getting hurt by those they love and living with the aftereffects of that hurt. Ask me about troping domestic violence.

(That said, the only fun trauma is a fictional trauma. No bullying, discrimination, or other abusive behavior toward real people will be tolerated on this journal. I take the side of the person who's being attacked, regardless of who they are. And whether you're a total stranger or my best friend, I will always let you leave.)

I'm seeing a lot of cool fandom people leaving tumblr in the wake of deactivatedthrough, particularly noncon fandom people and noncon fandom allies, so I decided to become part of the move to Dreamwidth! If you were a member of anti-anti tumblr, you wouldn't know me, but there's a good chance that I've read all your relevant essays and become a fan.

To be clear on my own stances there: I support the preservation of all art, live and simulated, that isn't published as an act of abuse against a person involved in its manufacture and doesn't interfere with stopping human trafficking. Revenge porn, child porn, creepshots, and other non-consensually created material shouldn't be preserved except as relates to prosecution; approximately everything else should be.

Speaking of which, please back up your fic to the AO3! Even if you think it's "too short" or "not good enough"! TWO CAKES!

Also, if you came from Tumblr, consider downloading your Tumblr content: I won't do an infinite amount of free tech support, and I'm not affiliated with the OP (original programmer), but for the moment, I'm accepting requests for help with this process.

I don't bite without consent. I'm not sure exactly how people contact each other on this site, but if you've got something to say to me, please say it!
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